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Alphabetical albums with versions of Bobby Hebb's SUNNYxw

Versions of Bobby Hebb's song "Sunny" on vinyl, reel, and CD (only if not available on vinyl) albums

TOTAL ARTISTS as of date of last posting - 656 - all formats, including "sunny45s" blog
Artist, label, catalog number, title, notes
Most recent additions as of 4/26/07 are noted by *


Chung Hwa CH3067 The Golden Hits In 1967 (Korea ?)

Music For Pleasure MFP5519 Non-Stop Party Music In Ray Conniff Style (Holland)

? Pioneer PQX-1002 Pioneer Four Channel Record (Warner-Pioneer demo LP, Japan,
in German)

Act 3 + 1 Delta Record Co. Movin’ Sound With Act 3 + 1

Airmen Of Note USAF SM386 Here Come The Airmen Of Note

Aldrich, Ronnie

Phase 4 SP44108 For Young Lovers
Phase 4 SP44108 For Young Lovers (promo jacket w/ UK disk)
Phase 4 SPD-11 Phase 4 Stereo Demonstration Record (comp)
Decca PFS4141 For Young Lovers (Australia)
Large Word LW396 For Young Lovers (Korea ?)

Allen Trio, Bob
Musicol HRS1021 The Bob Allen Trio At The Christopher Inn

Alpert, Herb
A&M SP3521 Foursider (with & without titles on frontcover)
A&M SP4228 The Brass Are Comin'

A&M AML5 The Brass Are Comin’ (w/ obi, King Records, Japan)
A&M MFP50432 This Guy’s In Love With You (UK)
K-tel NC477 40 Greatest (2LP, Canada)
Amiga 8 55 228 A Banda (Germany)

Amber Rock Assoc.
MPS15189 Amber Rock (Germany)

Ames, Ed
RCA LSP4028 Sings "Apologize"
RCA LSP4028 Sings "Apologize" (Canada)

Anderson, Chris
WinMil 207 Music! Music! Music!

Anderson, Ernestine
Concord CJ109 Sunshine
Concord ICJ70198 Sunshine (Japan, w/ insert)

Anderson, Iain
IAR 2001 The Hammond Sounds Of Iain Anderson, Vol. 1 (UK)

Anthony, Richard
EMI 6484 El Album de Oro de Richard Anthony (Argentina)
Odeon MOFB360 Richard Anthony (Brazil)

Able ABL7121 Richard Anthony (Canada)
Pathe PAM 67.227
Un Autographe S.V.P. (Canada)
Columbia C066.16049 Richard Anthony Disque D’Or (France)
Sonopresse 72111/12 Richard Anthony (2LP, France)

Apollo, Nick
Forte XPL1032 Diversified

Araujo, Severino CBS 15111 A Tabajara No “Hit Parade” (Brazil)

Arima, S. & Mighty Sounds JVC CD4B-5002E Dock Of The Bay (Japan)

Arnold, Eddy
RCA LPM3931(M) The Everlovin' World Of
RCA LSP3931(dj emb) The Everlovin' World Of
RCA LSP3931 The Everlovin' World Of
? CSJ-783 The Everlovin' World Of (Korea ?)

Arundel JHS Band
Recorded Publications Sound Waves

Audy, Roberto Odeon MOFB3496 So Successos, Vol. 2 (Brazil comp)

Awe, Dennis
Intercontinental IC202 An Evening With The Velvet Touch
Intercontinental IC203 An Evening With The Velvet Touch, Vol. 1& Vol. 2

Aylton y sua Orques.
Continental PPL-12-348 Danse Com O Sucesso (Brazil)

Dave Baber Combo
DBC 301 The Dave Baber Combo At Top Of The Inn

Charly CRB1137 Bringing You Some Soul (UK)

Ball, Kenny
Pye NSPL18415 Let’s All Sing A Happy Song (UK)

Barbara y Dick
Vik LZ1132 Barbara y Dick (Argentina)

Barker, Jeff
Concert CR-0038 The Young Sound

Baroque Inevitable
Columbia CL2587(WLP,M) The Baroque Inevitable (w/timing strip)
Columbia CL2587(M) The Baroque Inevitable (demo stamp on back)
Columbia CL2587(M) The Baroque Inevitable
CS9387 The Baroque Inevitable

Barrett, Susan
RCA LPM3738(dj emb,M) Susan Barrett
RCA LPM3738(M) Susan Barrett
RCA LSP3738 Susan Barrett

Bassey, Shirley
United Artists UAS6675 This Is My Life (purple/orange label)
United Artists UAS6675 This Is My Life (yellow sun label)
Liberty 6217 Personalidades (Argentina)

Bassett, Steve
Palco PR-1003 To The North Pole And Back

Baxter, Terry & His Orchestra
Columbia P2S5224 The Best Of '68
Columbia P7S5258 The Look Of Love (7LP set)

Beck, Gordon
Major Minor MMLP21 Experiments With Pops (UK)

Behrens, Stanley
Dobre DR1006 Harmonica Deluxe

Benson, George
Verve V8749(YLP,M) Giblet Gravy
Verve V6-8749 Giblet Gravy

Connoiseur VSOP LP109
Exclusive Benson (2LP, UK)

Berrys, The CCB Productions LP-1 It’s Berry Time

Berti, Rina
Ultra UL29543 Rina Berti (Canada)

RCA Camden CALB5139 Voce Gasta de Dancar? (Brazil)

Betters, Harold
HB Records LPS4588 The Big Horn Of Harold Betters

Bingham, Cliff
Unson ULP-050 The Sound Experience (Australia)

Biriba Boys Mocambo LP40.358 Alegria! Alegria! (Brazil)

Bishop Kearney HS "Kings" Band LRS-RT-6552 ”Through The Years” Vol. V& VI

Bisons, The Private Get Together

Black Mustangs, The
Highway SLP1.702 18 Temas Em Brasa (Brazil)

Blake, Garry
Columbia/EMI TWO174 The Impact Of Garry Blake (UK)

Bland, Ed
GWP Astro1005 The Astromusical House Of Leo – Astrological Series,Vol. 1

Ray Bloch Singers
Ambassador S98080 Hits Of ‘66

Bobo, Willie

Verve V-8669(WLP,M) Feelin' So Good
Verve V-8669(M) Feelin' So Good
Verve V6-8669 Feelin' So Good
Verve V6-8669 Feelin' So Good (mono sleeve w/ stereo sticker & disc)

Boney M.
Atco SD36143(dj, time strip) Take The Heat Off Me
Atco SD36143 Take The Heat Off Me
Atco SD36143 Take The Heat Off Me (Canada)
Teen DD35069 Take The Heat Off Me (Israel)
Ariola 209-426 Greatest Hits Of All Time – Remix (Canada)
RR RRLP2083 Tribute To Boney M (Portugal)
Melodia 11173-4 Boney M (Russia)
Atlantic XSD15000 The Magic Of Boney M (Canada)

Atlantic/Hansa BMTV1 The Magic Of Boney M (UK)
Atlantic P-10436A Ma Baker, Sunny, Daddy Cool (Japan, w/ obi)

Bonner Trio, Joe
Steeplechase SCS1116 Parade (Denmark)

Booker T. & the MG's
Stax 717(M) "Hip Hug-Her"
Stax S717(YLP) "Hip Hug-Her"
Stax S717 "Hip Hug-Her"
Sundazed LP5080 "Hip Hug-Her" (180 gram, ss)

Bell Song SWL-1113 "Hip Hug-Her" (Korea)
Atlantic ATS-ST 06038 Get Ready (Italy)
Atco 228 004 Get Ready (UK)
Midi MID30042 Star Collection (UK)

Boots, Tubby
Syl-Len S-1003 Songs For Swingers

Borelly, Jean Claude
Telefunken 6.23372 ­Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood ­(Germany)
Telefunken 6.24402 Dolannes-Melodie (Germany)
Gamma GX01-979 Hits (Mexico)

Alan Bown Set

Pye SIP21 London Swings – Live At The Marquee Club (Italy)
Pye NPL18156(M) London Swings – Live At The Marquee Club (w/ Jimmy Jones, UK)

Boys From Ipanema
Napoleon NLP11061 Bossa Nova After Hours (Italy)

Sonny Bradshaw 7
Transworld TWS6721 On Tour With Reggay!
Dynamic LP3301 On Tour With Reggay!

Brass Ring, The
Dunhill D50023(M) The Now Sound Of
Dunhill D50023(cover) The Now Sound Of (w/ stereo stkr)
Dunhill DS50023 The Now Sound Of
Dunhill DS50023 The Now Sound Of (Canada)
Dunhill DS-50051(WLP) The Best Of The Brass Ring
Dunhill DS-50051 The Best Of The Brass Ring

Brazilian Serenaders
Big RS-LP-1.007 Na Mini Onda ( Brazil)

Brent, Frankie
Cutty 100 Are There Any More Request-es?

Brown, Charlie
Contact C6101(WLP) Why Is Everybody Always Pickin' On Me
Contact C6101 Why Is Everybody Always Pickin' On Me

Brown, James
King KSD5-1051(promo) Gettin' Down To It (w/ radio play list)
King KSD5-1051 Gettin' Down To It
Polydor PD1051 Gettin’ Down To It (reissue)
Polydor 643 317 This Is James Brown (UK)
Triumph 2357004 Mr. Dynamite (France)

Karussell 2345 003 Mr. Dynamit (Germany)

Brown Jr., John
Marble Arch MALS1321 Watch What Happens (UK)

Brown, Les
Decca DL74965(WLP) Plays For The World Of The Young
Decca DL74965 Plays For The World Of The Young

Brown, Maxine
Epic BN26395 Out Of Sight
Columbia DS567 Kings & Queens Of Soul (comp)
Columbia P2S5378 Soul’s Greatest Hits/Kings & Queens Of Soul (2LP, comp)

Bruno Quintet, Al
Century 33443 Volume One

Bryant, Anita
Columbia CSS900 The Sunshine Tree (Columbia Special Products)

Bryant Sextet, Bobby
Cadet LP795(dj,M) Ain’t Doing Too B-A-D, Bad
Cadet LP795(M) Ain’t Doing Too B-A-D, Bad
Cadet LPS795 Ain’t Doing Too B-A-D, Bad

Buckner, Milt
MPS/BASF BAP5049 Locked Hands (UK)
MPS/BASF2222722 Chord Power (2LP, Germany)

Burnett, Carol
RCA LPM3879(dj,M) Sings
RCA LPM3879(M) Sings
RCA LSP3879 Sings
CBS S31153(brown lbl) Julie And Carol At Lincoln Center
CBS AS31153(blue lbl) Julie And Carol At Lincoln Center – Collector’sSeries

Jerry Burns Trio
Queen City 81265 Jerry Burns Trio Plays Sunny

Burton, Ann
Artone DJV6003 Ann Burton, Louis Van Dyke Collection (2LP, Holland)
Artone MDJ S-3063(org lbl) Blue Burton (Holland)
CBS S52791 Blue Burton (Holland)
Epic 23AP83 Blue Burton (Japan, w/ insert)
Epic ECPL-15 Miss Ann Burton (Japan)

Columbia CSP LSP9807331 Female Rhapsody (Holland, Wyeth in-store promo sampler for anti-conception pills crusade – Trinordiol)

Burry, Lloyd
RCA CTLS1099 Night Train (Canada)
Canadian Talent Lib. S5099 Night Train (ss, Canada)

Buschkotter Uwe
Decca ND445 If I Were A Rich Bossa Nova Man (Germany)

Byrd, Charlie
Columbia CS9627(WLP,M) Hit Trip
Columbia CS9627 Hit Trip (2 eyes label)
Columbia CS9627 Hit Trip (no eyes reissue label)

Cady Orchestra, Joe
Fine LFI-744 Live! In The Windsor Room

Cain, Henry
Capitol T2688(M) The Funky Organ-Ization Of Henry Cain (FREE punch)
Capitol ST2688 The Funky Organ-Ization Of Henry Cain

Capitol ST2688(reissue) The Funky Organ-Ization Of Henry Cain

Calvi, Pino
W&G 35/S/5553 Romantic No. 1 (Australia)

Canadian Headliners
Counterpoint ACS100LP The Canadian Headliners (Canada)

Cannon, Ace
Hi SHL32060(dj) Cool ‘n Saxy – promo stkr
Hi SHL32060 Cool ‘n Saxy

Peters PLD1007 Caravelli
CBS 82169 L’Oiseau et L’Enfant (France)

Carlsson, Loffe
Toniton TONLP5505 Loffe Plays Pop And Party Hits (Sweden)

Carvalho, Sergio
Equipe EQ816 Alta Tensao (Brazil)

Cat Simon Discorchestra
Phase Six VPAS950 You Turn Me On (Italy)

Challet, Pierre
Fontana SFL13058 Strings In HiFi (UK)

Philips 6308.050 Magic (UK)
Philips 6308.050 Chaquito Magic (Spain)

Checkmates Ltd.
Capitol T2840(M) Live At Caesars's Palace – punched “FREE”
Capitol ST2840 Live At Caesars's Palace

Imperial LP9320(M) Cher
Imperial LP12320 Cher
Imperial LP12406 Cher's Golden Greats
Liberty LBY3081(M) Cher (UK)
Liberty SLBY3081 Cher (UK)
Liberty LN10111 The Best Of Cher, Volume Two
United Artists LA237G The Very Best Of
United Artists LA377E The Very Best Of
United Artists UXS-88 Superpak (2 LP)
United Artists UAS29317 The Golden Hits Of Cher (Israel)
United Artists UAS29317 The Golden Hits Of Cher (UK)
Sunset SLS50378 The Golden Hits Of Cher (UK)
Sunset SL-4016 Golden Hits Of Cher (Canada)
Lyou Feng CA1053 Cher (Japan, green wax)

Christian, Bobby
Ovation OV14-06(WLP) Vibe-Brations
Ovation OV14-06 Vibe-Brations
Ovation OVQD14-06(quad) Vibe-Brations
London ZGO-116 Vibe-Brations (UK)

Ciceu, Eugene
Electrecord EDE04285 Cicero Jazz (Romania)

Classics IV
Imperial LP12429(dj emb) Traces
Imperial LP12429 Traces (2 diff. pressings)
Imperial LP16000 Golden Greats - Volume I (Dennis Yost And .....)
Untd.Art. UALA466E The Very Best Of The Classics IV
Liberty LN10109 The Very Best Of The Classics IV
Liberty LN510109 The Very Best Of The Classics IV
Liberty FLP-35077 Midnight (Brazil)
Liberty LBS83285i Be In (Germany)

Cleveland Heights HS Choir United Sound USR-2024 A Time For Us

Clooney, Bill Phonography LSP-2601 The Wheels Of Time

Cole, Maurice Spectrum SR-0132 Beginnings

Collins Group, Dave Europa 111 719.0 Magic Hammond 2 (Germany)

Colon, Johnny
Cotique C-1014(M) Move Over
Cotique CS-1014 Move Over
Vampi Soul Vampi 051 Boogaloo Bluesman - Best of Cotique Recordings (UK)

Conjunto 7X7
Ekipo 66.7021-XN Hits Para Bailar (Spain)

Conniff, Ray
Columbia CS9777 I Love How You Love Me
Korea(?) PRC5001 I Love How You Love Me

CBS 8-923(M) Conoces El Camino A San Jose? (Argentina)
CBS 138014 Hey Jude (Brazil)
CBS RDS7026 Today’s Sound (UK)

Conway, Phil Olympo L-540 Espana ’77 (comp, Spain)

Copy Cats, The

Columbia D242(M) You Can’t Hurry Love
Columbia DS242 You Can’t Hurry Love

Coquettes, Les
Apex ALF71805 Les Coquettes (Canada)

Cosby, Bill
Warners W1728(WLP,M) Hooray For The Salvation Army Band
Warners W1728(M) Hooray For The Salvation Army Band (Canada)
Warners WS1728 Hooray For The Salvation Army Band
World SLW1555 Hooray For The Salvation Army Band (China, org wax)
Music Hall 12.745 Hurra Para La Banda Del Ejercito De Salvacion (Argentina)
Warners SAW1251 Zingt (Germany)

County Town Singers
Audat 477-4005 Sing For People (Canada)

Cox, Danny
Pioneer 811P Sunny

Cramer, Floyd
RCA LSP4025(black) Class Of '68
RCA LSP4025(orange) Class Of '68
RCA 5621-1-R Our Class Reunion
Camden ADL2-0128 Floyd Cramer Plays The Big Hits (2 LP)

Criss, Sonny
Prestige PR7530 Up, Up And Away
Prestige PR7530(reissue) Up, Up And Away (Fantasy reissue w/ yellow label)
Prestige PR7742 ­The Best Of Sonny Criss – Hits Of The 60’s
Fresh Sounds FSR-401 ”Live” In Italy – w/ Georges Arvenitas Trio (Spain)

Cross, Sandra
Cisco/Pioneer CIJP0001 Dreamix Vol. 1 (Japan)

Cultier, Marius Transworld TWF9010 ’a la Place des Arts (Canada)

Dandridge, Vivian

Jubilee JGM8017(WLP,M) The Look Of Love (in JGS8017 stereo jacket w/ SpecialMono Radio Station Copy sticker))
Jubilee JGM8017(WLP,M) The Look Of Love (in JGS8017 stereo jacket)
Jubilee JGS8017 The Look Of Love

Darren, James
Warners W1688(WLP,M) All
Warners W1688(M) All
Warners WS1688 All

Dashiell, Carroll
CVD MC-20820(DJ) ”I’ve Paid My Dues”

Davidson, John
Columbia CL2648(M) My Best To You
Columbia CS9448 My Best To You
Columbia CSS1511 Songs Of Love (Rogers Brothers Silverplate comp)
CSP CSS873 Easy Does It (Sherwin Williams comp)
CSP CSS918 M’m! M’m! Good! (Campbell Soups comp)

Davidson Trio, Mark
Reprise MD-101 Straight Ahead

Day, Sanny
Camden CAS10222 Sunny Sanny (Germany)
Lark INL3603 Sanny’s First – Still Going Strong (Holland)

Laurie Dean Singers
MFP 50011 Reflections (UK)

Dearie, Blossom Fontana TL5454 Soon It’s Gonna Rain (UK)

Dee, Lenny
Decca DL74994 Gentle On My Mind
MCA271 Gentle On My Mind
MCA734702 Double Star Series featuring Earl Grant, Lenny Dee

DeFranco, Buddy
Command 940S(promo stkr) Do You Wanna Dance (directingGlenn Miller Orch.)
Command 940S Do You Wanna Dance (directing Glenn Miller Orch.)

Delano, Simon
JayBoy JSX2001 Bangarang Reggae (UK)

Delaney, Charles
Paladium BMLP70001 Volta Ao Mundo (Brazil)

Dell, Helen Malar MAS1005 Meet Helen Dell

Denis, Leo
Tournesol TL-6022(M) Trompette Succes Vol. 3 (Canada)
Tournesol STL-6022 Trompette Succes Vol. 3 (Canada)

Dennis, Kay Pearce 801H1118 Kay Dennis

DeVilliers, Jerry International INT405 Jerry DeVilliers (Canada)

Doodletown Pipers
Epic LN24340 (M,WLP) Love Themes (w/ demo stamp)
Epic BN26340 Love Themes (w/ demo stamp)
EpicBN26340 Love Themes

Doonican, Val
Philips 6308039 Val Doonican Now (UK)
Pye NSPL18321 Sounds Gentle (UK)
Contour 6870599 Gentle On My Mind (UK)
Contour CN2005 Val Doonican, Vol One (UK)

Douglas, Philip
Philips 873023UBY Philicorda Stereo Spectacular (Holland)

Doval, Jim/Gauchos
Chrysanthemum 1941 Face Value

Dove, Ronnie
Charnita 1001 Ronnie Dove Sings To You With Feeling

Drums, The First SX-9118 The Drums (Taiwan)

Duchin, Peter
Decca DL4987(M,WLP) The Life And Soul Of The Party
Decca DL74987 The Life And Soul Of The Party

Dunn, Frank Sound 1018 Shelby Inn Presents The Frank Dunn Duo

Durul Gence 5 Regal LRZTX-701 Ile Bir Yae Aksami (Turkey)

Dynamite Brass Polydor LPHM46271 Dynamite Brass (Sweden)

Egerbladh, Berndt Grammophon EFG5015127 Don’t Get Around Much Anymore (Sweden)

El Combo Nacional
Seeco 9296 Esto Si Es Boogaloo
Seeco 9296 Esto Si Es Boogaloo (reissue)

Electric Flag, The
Columbia CS9714 The Electric Flag (2 eyes label)
Columbia CS9714 The Electric Flag (no eyes reissue label)
Columbia C30422(dj) The Best Of (w/ timing strip)
Columbia C30422 The Best Of
Back-Trac P-17721 The Best Of (CBS Special Products)

Eliran, Ron
Hed Arzi BAN 49-40 Israeli – Continental (red label w/cover, Israel)
Hed Arzi BAN 49-40 Israeli – Continental (black label, no cover, Israel)

Ellis, Don
Lee DLP1504 ”From The Top”

Eminent Swing Comb.
Negram NR150 Well ORGANized Music (Holland)

Faith, Percy
Columbia CL2810(M) For Those In Love (promo stickers)
Columbia CS9610 For Those In Love
Columbia G30330 A Time For Love (2LP)

(USAF) USAFA68 United States Air Force Academy Band –Falconaires

Fame, Georgie
RSO SPELP45 20 Beat Classics (UK)
EMI SX6120(M) Hall Of Fame (UK)
EMI 2M048 Yeh Yeh, It’s Georgie Fame (UK)
Starline SRS5107 Fame Again! (UK)

Fansler, “Boots” Custom LP-120 “Boots” Fansler At Herbie K’s

Farmer, William
Hoctor HLP-4092(yel jkt)
Penthouse Dance Party – San FranciscoHoctor HLP-4092(grn jkt) Penthouse Dance Party – San Francisco

Federico y Su Combo Latino Gilmar LPG-110 Psicodelico (Venezuela)

Feliciano, Jose
RCA LSP3957 Feliciano! - black label
RCA LSP3957 Feliciano! - orange label
RCA LSP3957 Feliciano! - gold label
RCA LSP3957 Feliciano! (Germany)
RCA SF7946 Feliciano! (UK)
RCA Camden CAS2563 Sings
RCA Camden CAS2563 Sings (Canada)
RCA 27553-7 Che Sera (Germany)
RCA PRS-384 ­The Greatest Love Songs Of The Century (2LP, comp)
RCA SRA9505/6 Special 24 (Japan, 2LP w/ obi)
RCA/Pair PDL2-1091 His Hits and Other Classics (2LP)

Ferguson, Maynard
Enterprise 13-101(M) Ridin’ High
Enterprise S13-101 Ridin’ High
Atlantic 2464008 Freaky (UK)

Ferrante & Teicher
Untd. Artists UAS56659 A Bouquet Of Hits
Untd. Artists USX-73 The Best Of Ferrante & Teicher (2 LP)
Untd. Artists LA831P For You With Love (4 LP)

Ferrari Brothers NKA ST-32069 Let’s Make Love

Fite, Buddy
Diff. Drummer DD1001(dj) Buddy Fite Plays For Satin Dolls
Diff. Drummer DD1001 Buddy Fite Plays For Satin Dolls

Fitzgerald, Ella
Reprise RS6432(WLP) Things Ain't What They Used To Be
Reprise RS6432 Things Ain't What They Used To Be
Bainbridge BT-6223 Things Ain't What They Used To Be
Reprise 12962(M) Las Cosas No Son Como (Argentina)
Warners 82066 Jazz – Las Cantantes (Argentina)

Flamingo Group, The
Supraphone 1131024 This Is Our Soul (Czech export press, English notes)
Supraphone 1130729 This Is Our Soul (Czech, Record Club release)

Fo, Buddy
Makaha MS2060 When It’s Time To Go

Ford, Bill
Babsie ST2065 The Green Green Grass Of Home

Fountain, Pete
Decca DL7-5379 Something Misty
Coral CRL757516 Something Misty
MCA Coral 176 Something Misty
MCA 176 Something Misty
MCA Coral COPS7356 I’ve Got You Under My Skin (2LP, Germany)

Four Tops
Motown MM669(M) Yesterday's Dreams
MotownMS669 Yesterday's Dreams
Tamla/Motown TML11087(M) Yesterday’s Dreams (UK)
Tamla/Mtown STML11087 Yesterday’s Dreams (UK)
Motown 5363ML Motown Legends
Tamla TMS3514 Hits Of Gold (UK)
MCA M-363ML Motown Legends (Canada)

Fredericks, Dave
GULCO 803N-6437 Bold Brave Organ Extravaganza

Johnny Frigo Quartet
Orion LP-116 Chicago Jazz Dance Revival At Gus’ Place

Jim Fritz Trio
Imp LPM9341 Athens Swings

Garcia, Vic
Rosan VG1003 Up, Up & Then Some

Garrett, Tommy, 50 Guitars of
Liberty LSS14041 Our Love Affair
Liberty LBS 83495I For You With Love (Germany)
Untd. Art. UAS3057 Goldies (Germany)

Garrett, Willie
Goldstar 12GLS25105 De Glouden Klank Van (Holland)

Garthe Trio, Joel
Stratford 112472 Riverside

RCA CALB5124 O Pulo Do Gato (Brazil)

, The Publ. Svc. Co. of Okla. The Generators (for employees)

Golla, George
Festival SFL932,684 Plays On The Centre Line (Australia)

Gordon, Jimmy & His Jazznpops
Flying Dutchman FDS-109(WLP) Hog Fat
Flying Dutchman FDS-109 Hog Fat
Polydor 543-130 Hog Fat (Canada)

Gossett, Lou
BT Puppy BTPS1013 From Me To You

Goulet, Robert
Columbia CS9695 Woman, Woman
Columbia SBP233575 Woman, Woman (Australia)

Grant, Earl
Decca DL4937(M) Gently Swingin'
Decca DL74937(WLP) Gently Swingin'
Decca DL74937 Gently Swingin'
Decca DL75170 Earl Grant's Golden Favorites – w/ & w/o “Simulated Stereo” sticker
Decca DXSB7204(WLP) The Best Of Earl Grant (2 LP)
Decca DXSB7204 The Best Of … (2 LP w/ “Simulated Stereo” stkr)
Decca DXSB7204/MCA2-4059 The Best Of Earl Grant (2 LP w/ Decca & MCA numbers)
MCA MCA2-4059 The Best Of Earl Grant (2 LP)

Green, Urbie
Project 3 PR5024SD(WLP) 21 Trombones - Volume 2
Project 3 PR5024SD 21 Trombones - Volume 2
Project 3 33.021 21 Trombones - Volume 2 (France or Holland)
Project 3 PR5024QD 21 Trombones - quad
Project 3 PR2-6021/22SD 21 Trombones (2LP)

Project 3 S/302SD Singer Presents (comp)
Audio House AHS5471 Ruskin High School Golden Eagle Band 1970-71

Gregory, John Philips 6499 308 Gregory Conducts (UK)

Group, The
Century 35527 The Univ. of Mississippi Presents “The Group”In­­­ Europe

Guthrie, Sheila
Periwinkle PER7331 Call Her Lady Blue (Canada)

Hackett, Bobby
Verve V-8723(WLP,M) Bobby/Billy/Brasil
Verve V-8723(YLP,M) Bobby/Billy/Brasil
Verve V6-8723 Bobby/Billy/Brasil
Verve V6-8723 Brazil (Germany)

Hall High School LPH-1975 Hall High School Jazz Tour ‘75

Hamel, J. Yves Budget Musique BM2007 Tout comme les remparts il est eu or …(Canada)

Hampton, Slide Barclay 920 056 Slide Hampton (France)

Happenings Four Capital PLP-7734(RI) Magical Happenings Tour (w/ obi, Japan)

Harley, Rufus
Atlantic SC1504(WLP) A Tribute To Courage
Atlantic SC1504 (A in) A Tribute To Courage
Atlantic SC1504 (A out) A Tribute To Courage (grn/blu reissue)

Hatch, Tony
Warners W1671(M,WLP) A Latin Happening
Warners W1671(M) A Latin Happening
Warners WS1671 A Latin Happening
Pye NSPL30093 A Latin Happening (Canada)

Golden Hour GH509 A Latin Happening (Canada)
Golden Hour GH509 A Latin Happening (UK)
Golden Hour GH509 A Latin Happening (NZ)

Hawes, Hampton
Concord CJ-222 Recorded Live At The Great American Music Hall
Contemporary S7637 At The Piano

Haynes, Alan
Orphan #1 Seventh Son

Head Shop
Epic BN26476 The Head Shop – yellow label
Epic BN26476 The Head Shop – yellow label (Canada)
Epic BN26476 The Head Shop – black label reissue

Hebb, Bobby
Philips PHM200-212(WLP,M) Sunny (with & without promo stamp)
Philips PHM 200-212(M) Sunny
Philips PHS 600-212 Sunny
Philips PHM 200-212(M) Sunny (Canada)
Philips PHS 600-212 Sunny (Canada)
Philips BL7740 Sunny (UK)
Philips 25PP15 Sunny (Japan w/ obi)

Hecksher, Ernie Earl EH1600 Those Were The Days

Henderson, Bobby
Halcyon 102 A Home In The Clouds
Chiaroscuro CR102 A Home In The Clouds (Halcyon sleeve, cc)

Hermon Knights Ace - Hermon Knights

Hernandez, Ruben Fiesta FIE2001 New Day On The Rise

Heywoood, Eddie
Capitol T2833(M) With Love and Strings (FREE punch)
Capitol ST2833 With Love and Strings

Higgins, Eddie
Atlantic 8136(M,WLP) The Piano Of Eddie Higgins
Atlantic 8136(M) The Piano Of Eddie Higgins
Atlantic SD8136 The Piano Of Eddie Higgins

Hill, Dan Saga OPP101 Music To Watch Girls By

Hirota, Mieko
JPS-5067 Hit Kit Miko, Vol. 2 (Japan)
Columbia SW-7061 Mieko In New York (w/ Billy Taylor Trio, Japan)
Columbia COJA9218 Miko In New York (RI of 500, w/ obi, Japan)

Hits Machine Chevron CHVL104 The Hits Of Boney M (UK)

Holloway, Laurie
Pye NPL18158(M) Hit Parade Holloway Style (UK)
Astor SPLP1197 Hit Parade Holloway Style (Australia)

Holmes, Richard "Groove"
Prestige PRST7543 Soul Power! (Preview Copy stamp)
Prestige PRST7543 Soul Power!

Hot Club 69
Tune T5007 Red Hot & Swinging

H.P. Riot Trio AW-1028 H.P. Riot (Japan)

Huscava, Dusan
Opus 91130654 Music For Saxophone (Czechoslovakia)

Igarashi, T/Honda, T Trio
TD-3 This Is CD-4; We Love Jazz (demo LP, Japan)

Insiders, The CBS37502(M) Bug Eyes (Brazil)

Iyer, Usher
Odeon SMOCE2006 Scotch And Soda (India)

Jackson, Chuck
Wand WDM676(M) Tribute To Rhythm and Blues, Volume 2
Wand WDS676 Tribute To Rhythm and Blues, Volume 2

Jackson, Chuck & Tammi Terrell
Wand WDS682 The Early Show
Marble Arch MAL1110 The Early Show (UK)

Jackson, Willis
Prestige PR7551 Soul Grabber (blue label)

Jacobs Quartet, Pete
Padua S12J01-109 Sketches

Jaime, Leo
Phodas 144471 Leo Jaime (Brazil, radio play prohibited)

Jansen, Nadine Trio
Jantone SJ-507 Plays 9 Live Ones At The Fat Cat

Jansen, Rudd
Rimboe RLP12001 Live At The Safari Club (UK)

Jay Five Instramental
Cornet 15007 A’One, A’Two, A’Three (Germany)

Jeffrey, Joe
Wand WDS686(demo stamp) My Pledge Of Love
Wand WDS686 My Pledge Of Love
Wand WDS686 My Pledge Of Love (Canada)
Scepter SJL933650 My Pledge Of Love (Australia)

Jernigan, Doug
Emmons ELP1002 Diggin’ Doug Jernigan – Uptown To Country

Jerome, Henry
Untd. Artists UXS71 Presents American Gold

Herb Jimmerson Quartet Sully SLP101 Music For Dancing & Romancing

Harold Johnson Sextet
HME 5-101 House On Elm Street
Revue RM7201(M, promo) House On Elm Street
Revue RS7201 House On Elm Street

Jokers, The Reward RW1026 Spider – 8 (Belgium)

Jones, The
Continental LPK20.010 Music To Watch Girls Dance (Brazil)

Jones, Jacqueline
Birmingham JJ821 Special Things

Jordan, Stanley
Blue Note BT85130(dj) Standards, Vol. 1
Blue Note BT85130 Standards, Vol. 1

Jordans, The
Copacabana CLP11508 Edicao Extra (1st press, Brazil)
Beverly BLP80895 Edicao Extra (Brazil)

Kadwell, George
Arc A-726(M) Somewhere My Love (Canada)
Arc AS726 Somewhere My Love (Canada)

Kaplan Brothers Kap PM6912 The Universal Sounds Of The Kaplan Brothers

Kasai, Kimiko London SKK(L)3006 Just Friends (Japan)

Kazan, Lainie
MGM SE4496 Love Is Lainie
MGM SE4631(YLP) The Best Of
MGM SE4631 The Best Of

Keane, Shake

Phase 4 SP44115(WLP) Dig It!
Phase 4 SP44115 Dig It!

Kellaway, Roger
World Pacific WP1861(M) Stride!
World Pacific WPS21861 Stride!

Kendall, Jody
Trolley TLSP-74 Am I Blue

Kenton, Stan
Capitol ST2810 The World We Know
EMI T281(M) The World We Know (UK)
Capitol STCL2989 The Stan Kenton Deluxe Set (3 LP)
Capitol SPRO 4468/9(dj) The Capitol Disc Jockey Album – Jan., 1968 (comp)

Anita Kerr Singers
Philips 6930 093 Daytime, Nighttime (UK)
Philips 6930 093 Daytime, Nighttime (dj, Holland )
Philips SFX-5010 Daytime, Nighttime (Japan)

Keymen, The
Goldust LPS-153 “Live”

King, Morgana
Reprise R6257 (M) Gemini Changes
Reprise RS6257 Gemini Changes

King, Pete
RCA RDA77 A Love Is Blue – 4 LP Readers Digest box set

Knight Beats, The
Century 29750 Present Sound Spectrum 1968

Kole Trio, Ronnie
Viko VK-20001 Kole In Concert

Koto & Shakuhachi
Omega SSD-0015 Oriental Bossa Sounds (Mexico)
King TKS4031 Spectacular Bossa Nova Sound (Spain)

Kuhn, Paul
Horzu 066-32081 Love Is Music (Germany)

Lady Nelson & Lords
Dunhill D50028(M,WLP) Picadilly Pickle
Dunhill DS50028 Picadilly Pickle

Ladykiller ’74
Ladykiller A-1605 Fun For Friends (w/ bklt, Germany)

Lamont, Duncan
EMI MFP1357 Best Of The Bossa Novas (UK)
MFP MFP5093 Best Of The Bossa Novas (Holland)
Embassey MFP60049 Best Of The Bossa Novas (Israel)
Pathe 5088 ­Lo Mejor de la Bossa Nova (Argentina)

Lander Trio, Jack
Arpeggio ARP1206S Spanish Coffee Time

Lane, Lois
Mercury 20125SMCL Lois Lane

Lane’s Southern Stompers, Steve
MajorMinor SGOL202 Just Gone (UK)

Larkin, Billy & the Delegates
World Pacific WP1863(M) Don’t Stop!
World Pacific WPS21863(dj) Don’t Stop!
World Pacific WPS21863 Don’t Stop!

Larsen, Lyn
Essential ers1007 Get Happy

Last, James

Polydor 2371786 Non Stop Dancing 1977/2 (Canada)
Polydor 2371786 Non Stop Dancing 1977/2 (UK)

Lawson, Doyle
County 766 Tennessee Dream

Lawson, Yank/Haggart, Bob
Project 3 PR5033SD(WLP) The World's Greatest Jazz Band Of
Project 3 PR5033SD The World's Greatest Jazz Band Of
Project 3 PR5033QD(quad) The World's Greatest Jazz Band Of

Leading Figures
Ace of Clubs SCL1225 ”Sound And Movement” (Canada)

Lennon Sisters, The
Dot DLP3829(M) On The Groovy Side
Dot DLP3829(M) On The Groovy Side (Canada)
Dot DLP25829 On The Groovy Side
Birchmount BM620 On The Groovy Side (Canada)
First FL-1514(orange wax) On The Groovy Side (Korea ?)
Ranwood R8004 On The Groovy Side
Universal U875 On The Groovy Side (Australia)
Pickwick SPC3210 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Lettermen, The
Capitol ST269 Hurt So Bad (2 diff)
Capitol ST269 Hurt So Bad (Gold Record Award cover)
Capitol SM11678 Hurt So Bad
Capitol POP645 Golden Hits (Mexico)

Lewis, Don

Aquarius AMC2846 The Don Lewis Experience
Tam MLP-1001 Clazz Of Don Lewis (Japan, w/ obi)

Lewis, Gary and the Playboys
Liberty LST-7568 Now!
Liberty LST-7568 Now! (Canada)

Dot DLP3901(M,dj) The Sound Of Love
Dot DLP25901(dj emb) The Sound Of Love
Dot DLP25901 The Sound Of Love
Dot ST91707 The Sound Of Love (in 25901 jkt w/ promo stkr)
Dot ST91707 The Sound Of Love
Famous Twinsets PAS2-1032 Liberace In Concert
One Up OU2053 It’s Liberace (UK)

Lindfors, Lill
Polydor 2379007 Mellan Drom Och Verklighet (*Sweden)

Living Jazz
RCA CAS2298 The Fool On The Hill
RCA APL1-2386(promo) Hello, Young Lovers
RCA APL1-2386 Hello, Young Lovers

Lloyd and the Jays
Divi Divi 4114-26 Happy Hour At The Divi Divi Beach Hotel, Aruba

London Moods Orch.
Enterprise ENTB1008 Happy Day! (UK)

Lopez, Trini
Reprise R6255(WLP,M) Now! (dj stkr & stamp)
Reprise R6255(M,3 color) Now!
Reprise RS6255(3 color) Now!
Reprise RS6255(2 color) Now!
Reprise SJET-8015 Trini Lopez “Live” In Tokyo (Japan)
Axis 6162 Trini Lopez (Australia)

Los Aragon
Musart ED1272 En La Cumbre Musical (Mexico)
Musart LP-12-11171 En La Cumbre Musical (Ecuador, Mexican jacket)

Los Indios Tabajaras
RCA LSP4496 The Very Thought Of You
RCA LSP4496 The Very Thought Of You (Spain)
RCA 741022 The Very Thought Of You (France)
RCA VAL10206 El Condor and Other Hits (Australia)

Los Iracundos

RCA AVL-3737
En Roma (Argentina)
RCA LPV-7620 En Roma (Venezuela)

Los Javaloyas
Odeon MT-1076 Buenas Vibraciones (Venezuela)

Los Yaki
Capitol POP083 Lo Mejor de Los Yaki (Mexico)
CAP Latino ST-19046 Lo Mejor de Los Yaki (Mexico)
Discos Latin DLIS5020 Lo Mejor de Los Yaki (Mexico)
EMI PB-012 La Gran Epoca De Los Yaki (Mexico)
Marfil M-018 33C Rock (Mexico)
Pickwick PIM053 Ayer y Hoy (Mexico)

Los Yorks
Mag LPN-2257 Los Yorks ’67 (Peru)
Alta Fidelidad LPN-2257 Los Yorks ’67 – reissue (Peru, El Ritmo Loco)

Love, Geoff
MFP 50346 You Should Be Dancing, Vol. 2
EMI S-7531 Big Disco Sound (Venezuela)

Love, Marian
Capitol ST2898(FREE punch) A Groovy Kind Of Love
Capitol ST2898 A Groovy Kind Of Love

Lyman, Arthur
HiFi SL1038 Aphrodisia
HiFi SL1038 (GRT) Aphrodisia (Canada)

Lystager, Birgit
RCA LSPD6802 Birgit Lystager (Denmark)
Dare Dare DD033(RI) Birgit Lystager (France)

Lytle, Johnny
Pacific Jazz PJ10125(M,ss) Done It Again
Pacific Jazz ST20125(dj emb) Done It Again

Ma Baker
Europa 111 5260 Ma Baker (Germany)

Mabley, Moms
Mercury SR61205(GLP) Her Young Thing
Mercury SR61205 Her Young Thing
Mercury SR61235(WLP) Abraham, Martin & John
Mercury SR61235 Abraham, Martin & John

Madrinas, The MFP 4m024-98948 Accordeon Parade (Belgium)

Main Street Singers Univ. Audio UAS10711958 Sunday Ride

Major, Dave/Minors
BC S311 Second Record Album

Malcolm’s All Stars
Decca LK5002(M) Rock Steady (w/ The Kingly Band, UK)

, Horacio
Alta Fidelidas AIS147 El Toque Latino de Malvicino (Argentina)
Kubaney The Latin Touch Of Malvicino
Microfon MS-128 The Latin Touch Of Malvicino (Uruguay)

Mancini e Os
Rozenblatt LP40.369 Baile Jovem (Brazil)

Mann, Herbie/Jones, Tamiko
Atlantic 8141(WLP,M) A Mann & A Woman
Atlantic 8141(M) A Mann & A Woman (org/pur)
Atlantic SD8141(dj) A Mann & A Woman (grn/blu)
Atlantic SD8141 A Mann & A Woman (grn/blu)

Mann, Manfred
Fontana SFL13003 What A Mann (UK)
Summit SRA250-546 What A Mann (Australia)
Fontana 6438079 Attention: Manfred Mann, Vol. 2! (Germany)
Fontana FPY858037 One Way (Holland)

Manning, Eejim
Fox Records Presenting Eejim Manning

Maquina Del Tiempo RCA MILS4641 Momentos de Amor (Mexico)

Marcel, Claude Tapecar TCI 10.006 Orquestra Fantastica de Claude Marcel (Brazil)

Marco, Ray
Thunderbird THS9009(WLP) Somehow We've Made The Morning
Thunderbird THS9009 Somehow We've Made The Morning

Marginals, The
NCV 002 Tremenda Onda (Brazil)

Mariano (Moreno) & the Unbelieveables
Capitol ST2875(FREE punch) The 25th Hour
Capitol ST2875 The 25th Hour

Martino, Pat
Muse MR5026(WLP) Live!
Muse MR5026 Live!

Mathis, Johnny
Mercury MG21107(M) Sings (ss)
Mercury MG21107(M) Sings (mono press w/ stereo sticker on jacket)
Mercury SR61107 Sings (2 diff. labels)
Columbia CS9871 People

Mauriat, Paul
Philips PHM200-226(M) More Mauriat
Philips PHS600-226 More Mauriat
Liming LM-2241 More Mauriat (*Taiwan)
Philips PDS291 Blooming Hits (Australia)
Philips SLP199.044(M) A Grande Orquestra de Paul Mauriat – No. 2 (Brazil)
Philips 9101146 L'Oiseau et L'Enfant (Canada)
Philips 840.560 Le Grande Orchestra de Paul Mauriat - Album No. 4 (Canada)
Philips 9120239 Im Rhythmus der Liebe (Germany)
Philips FDX360 Paul Mauriat Plays Super Stars (Japan, w/ obi)
Philips 15PP-5 El Bimbo (Japan)
Philips FD-16 Custom Deluxe (Japan, gatefold w/ obi)
Philips PM-22 Pegase/Feelings (Japan)
Philips 10127 Y Su Orquesta (Mexico)
Fontana 6444040 Autografos de Sucesso (Brazil)

Maye, Marilyn
RCA LPM3897(dj,M) Step To The Rear
RCA LPM3897(M) Step To The Rear
RCA LSP3897 Step To The Rear
RCA LSP3897 Step To The Rear (w/ Make Mine Marilyn Maye title)

McCann, Les
Limelight LM82041(M) Plays The Hits
Limelight LS86041 Plays The Hits

McDuff, Brother Jack, w/ David Newman
Atlantic 1498(M) Double Barrelled Soul (org/pur)
Atlantic SD1498 Double Barrelled Soul (grn/blu)
Atlantic SD1498(reissue) Double Barrelled Soul (grn/org)
Atlantic SD1498(2nd reissue) Double Barrelled Soul (ss, “made by Rhino” stkr)

McGlohan, Loomis
Jefferson WBT The Bright Sound

McLain, Denny
Capitol ST204 In Las Vegas

Meeder, Steff
EMI TWO377 Provocative Hammond (UK)

Mellow Fruitfulness
EMI SX6164(M) A Whiter Shade Of Pale (UK)
EMI SCX6164 A Whiter Shade Of Pale (UK)

Mercer Trio, Jack
Media IV RB1000 An Evening At The Red Bull Inn

Mexican Brass
Rdrs. Digest RDA-96A Tijuana – Fun With The Mexican Brass (5LP set)

Micalizzi Family
Five FM-13531 The Micalizzi Family (Italy)

Michi, Shiro CBS 20AH538 Best Hits Miracle Electone (Japan, w/ obi)

Michigan State Univ.
Audio Tape ATP1080 The Spartan Marching Band – 1970

Miguel, Luis
WEA LDWI6610 Soy Como Quiero Ser ‘87 (Mexico)
WEA 670.0124(dj) Soy Como Quiero Ser ‘88 (Brazil)
Sonografica 90.035L Simplemente (Venezuela)

Miller, Imelda

RCA MKL-1755 Una Noche No (Mexico)
RCA MKL-1755 Presentando a Imelda Miller (Puerto Rico)

Mills Brothers, The
Dot DLP25888 The Board Of Directors Annual Report
Dot LPD522(M) The Board Of Directors Annual Report (UK)

Minami, Yasuda Frasco FS7002 Sunny/Minami (Japan)

Mindrila, Dan
Electrecord ? Sunny – 12 Slagare Mondiale (Romania)

Mingis, Frank Barclay LP1025 Frank Mingis Plays The Hammond

Mini-Max SoulStar SS5 Sok It To Yer Baby; Live At The Helm

Minor, Diane
Brylon BN4469 Mama Danced
October ORI LP11 Mama Danced

Mitchell, Eddy
Barclay 80370S 7 Colts Pour Scmoll (France)

Mitchell, Willie
Hi SHL32039(WLP) Soul Serenade
Hi SHL32039 Soul Serenade
London HAU8365(M) Soul Serenade (UK)
Hi HL12039(M, dj stamp) Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On
Hi SHL32039 Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On
London SHL32039 Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On (Venezuela)

Mitchum, Robert
Monument MLP8086(WLP,M) That Man Robert Mitchum Sings …
Monument MLP8086(M) That Man Robert Mitchum Sings …
Monument SLP18086 That Man Robert Mitchum Sings …
Monument SLP18086 That Man Robert Mitchum Sings …(Canada)
Monument LM05011(M) That Man Robert Mitchum Sings …(UK)
AFRTS W-2065/6 Armed Forces Radio & TV Service – Station Library
(6 cuts from That Man)

Miyaka, Jun What’s New CJ-2121 Jun! (Japan)

Monsieur Danse Elite EL11619 18 Succes (Canada)

Montefiori Cocktail
Irma 498 657 Raccolta No. 2 (2LP, Italy)
Irma 507 984 Re-Shaken – The Remix Album Project (3LP, Italy)

Montez, Chris
A&M LP120(M, WLP) Time After Time
A&M LP120(M) Time After Time
A&M SP4120(WLP) Time After Time
A&M SP4120 Time After Time
Pye NPL28087(M) Time After Time (UK)
A&M AMLB1011 The More I See You (UK)
EMI MFP50435 The More I See You (UK)
A&M MFP50540 All My Loving (comp, UK)
Columbia 412.015 The Very Best Of Chris Montez ( Brazil)

Montgomery, Wes
Verve V-8672(M) California Dreaming
Verve V6-8672 California Dreaming
Verve MAS-91104 California Dreaming
Verve UMV2051 California Dreaming (Japan, w/ obi)
Black Cat BC4139 California Dreaming (Korea ?)
Verve V6-8804(WLP) Just Walkin' (dj stkr)
Verve V6-8804(YLP) Just Walkin' (dj stkr)
Verve V6-8804 Just Walkin'
Verve 2304061 Just Walkin’ (Germany)
Verve 23MJ3381 Just Walkin' (Japan)
Verve 2304025 The Very Best Of Wes Montgomery (Germany)
Project 3 PR26019/20SD Guitar Tapestry (2LP, comp)

Moore, Melba
Mercury SR6125 Living To Give (with ASCAP Love Making Love credit)
Mercury SR6125(WLP) Living To Give (with BMI Love Making Love stkr correction)
Mercury SR6125 Living To Give (with BMI Love Making Love stkr correction)
Mercury SR6125 Living To Give (with BMI Love Making Love credit)
Mercury SR61287 I Got Love (same as Living To Give)

Morris, Sarah Jane
Jive HIP59 Sarah Jane Morris (UK)

Moriyama, Ryoko
Philips FS-5046 The Best Of Ryoko Moriyama
Philips FS-8040 Sings Favorites (Japan, w/ obi)

Morrow, Buddy
United. Art. UAL3639(M,dj) New Blues Scene
United. Art. UAL3639(M) New Blues Scene
United. Art. UAS56639 New Blues Scene

Mottola, Tony
Project3 PR5020SD Lush, Latin & Lovely
Project3 PR5020QD(quad) Lush, Latin & Lovely
Columbia TWO310 Lush, Latin & Lovely (UK)

Jac Murphy Trio
Villager SV-1 Sounds Of The Villager

Music Company, The
Crestview CRS3057 Hard & Heavy

Music Minus One
MMO 1048 I Left My Heart In San Francisco and OtherFavorites (Minus One Male Singer) w/ Rich
Mattheson Quartet

MMO 1050 For Men Only (Minus One Male singer) w/ Bill Rubenstein, w/ book
MMO 1051 Ladies Day (Minus One Girl Singer) w/ Bill Rubenstein, w/ book
MMO 1052 Instrumentalist – Today’s Sounds w/Bill Rubenstein, ss w/ books
MMO 1053 Do Your Own Thing (13 Rhythm Backgrounds) w/ Rich Mattheson Quartet
MMO 1054 Contrasts (Minus One Piano) w/ Vinson Hill Trio & Rich Mattheson Trio
MMO 1055 For Organists Only (Minus One Organ) w/ RichMattheson Trio, w/ book, brown jacket & notes
on back

MMO 1055 For Organists Only (Minus One Organ) w/ RichMattheson Trio, red jacket & catalog on back
MMO1063 ”Pop” Piano For Starters w/ Vinson Hill Trio, w/ book

Musiq Soulchild
Def Soul 314-548-289 I Just Want To Sing (2LP, Sunny sample)

Nagayama, Yoko
Victor SJX30323 Venus (w/ obi, Japan)

Nance, Ray
Solid State SS18062(dj) Body And Soul (Audition copy, yellow label)
Solid State SS18062 Body And Soul
Unique Jazz UJ1 Roy Nance Quartet & Sextet (Italy)

Nelson, Sandy
Imperial LP9329(M) Beat That #!!@*** Drum
Imperial LP12329 Beat That #!!@*** Drum
Imperial SIRL 932,531 Beat That #!!@*** Drum (Australia)
Liberty LKB003 Deluxe In GoGo Beat (Japan w/ bklt & The Ventures)
Liberty LP8077 Drum Discotheque! (Japan, red wax)
Top Hit THL-71 Golden Disk – Rock Drum (Korea ?)

Nero, Peter
RCA LSP3936 Plays Love Is Blue
RCA LSP3936 El Amor Es Triste (Mexico)
RCA Camden ADL2-0284 Music Festival Of Hits (2 LP)

New Classic Singers
Capitol T2599(M) Big Hit Sounds Of The New Classic Singers
Capitol ST2599 Big Hit Sounds Of The New Classic Singers
Capitol SL6537 The "Now" Sound For The "In" Crowd (comp)

New Freedom Singers Stucky’s SRS8571 Which Way America

New Sound Big Band Ariston AR/LP 11052 Something Old Something New (Italy)

Del Newman Sound
Columbia SCX6181 Flower Garden (UK)

Nimoy, Leonard
Dot DLP3883(M, promo) The Way I Feel
Dot DLP25883 The Way I Feel
Calendar SR669751 The Way I Feel (Australia)
Famous Twinsets PAS21030 Outer Space/Inner Mind
VISTA Show #146 Voices Of Vista (w/ cue sheet, w/ William Shatner, part of 3LP set)

Northern Jazz Ensemble
Ryerson Jazz ’69 – The Northern Jazz Ensemble In Action (Canada)

Norwegian Big Band Talent TLS4016 The Norwegian Big Band (Norway)

Nunez, Rafael
Columbia ELS337 Acupulco With Rafael

O'Day, Anita
BASF MB20750 Recorded Live At The Berlin Jazz Festival
Pausa PR7092 Anita O'Day In Berlin
Crystal CRY45799 Anita O'Day In Berlin (Germany)
O'Day AOD1 Anita O'Day

Orquesta Soul
Dot DLP3827(M, promo) Bugalu
Dot DLP3827(M) Bugalu
Dot DLP25827 Bugalu
Universal U878 Bugalu (Australia, test pressing)

Orquestra Som-Bateau
Polydor LPNG44.00 Top Hits No. 3 (Brazil)

Os Fabulosos Violinos Magicos

HiFi 2187 Os Fabulosos Violinos Magicos (Argentina)
RCA 107.9030 Os Fabulosos Violinos Magicos (Brazil)

Os Terriveis
Parlophone PBA 13.005 Barra Limpa (Brazil)

Os 3 Morais
Som/Maior SM1537(M,dj) Os 3 Morais (Brazil, 1967)
Som/Maior SM1537(M) Os 3 Morais (Brazil, 1967)
Premier PRLP1087 Os 3 Morais (Brazil, 1969)
PUD Pld A5017 Os 3 Morais (Italy, 1970)

Os Tremendoes Paladium PAL-103 12 Contrastes (Brazil)

Overholt, Elaine Attic LAT1046 Elaine Overholt (Canada)

Ox Victor PLP-7728(RI) ­On Stage No. 1 (Japan, w/ obi, insert)

Pabon, Tony
Allegre SLPA8820 Tony Pabon And His All-Stars
Tico LPS-77.681 Tony Pabon And His All-Stars (Venezuela)

Pagliaro, Michael
International INT-402 Michael Pagliaro (Canada)

Paivi Finnlevy FL5023 Paivi (Finland)

Patrick, Johnny Vogue VK.15 Johnny Patrick At The Hammond Organ (UK)

Payne, Cavril Ruval RVS331626 Cavril Sings

Ariel T4003 Peruzzi y Su Banda Joven (Argentina)
Parlorphone PBA13.003 Peruzzi y Su Banda Joven (Brazil)

Peterson, Oscar
BASF 20713 Motions & Emotions
BMP 20713 Motions & Emotions (UK)
Verve 821 289 Motions & Emotions
MPS SC064D-99451 Motions & Emotions (Holland)

Pickett, Wilson
Atlantic 8138(M) The Wicked Pickett (orange/purple label)
Atlantic SD8138 The Wicked Pickett (green/blue label, no address)
Atlantic SD8138 The Wicked Pickett (green/blue label, 1841 Broadway)
Atlantic SD8138 The Wicked Pickett (green/orange label, Canada)
Atlantic SAL932445 The Wicked Pickett (green label, Australia)

Pike, Dave
Atlantic 1457(M,WLP) Jazz For The Jet Set (w/ & w/ DJ stkr)
Atlantic 1457(M) Jazz For The Jet Set (orange/purple label)
Atlantic SD1457 Jazz For The Jet Set (green/blue label)
Atlantic 812273527(reissue) Jazz For The Jet Set (org/purple label, Germany)

Piper, Carlos Artistas Unidas LP70.007 Carlos Piper & A Nova Caracao (Brazil)

Players, The
Minit LP4006(M, dj) He'll Be Back (Audition Record)
Minit LP4006(M) He'll Be Back
Minit LP24006 He'll Be Back

Eco 547 Brasilia

Pourcel, Frank
51 West Q16065 Frank Pourcel’s Greatest Hits
Pathe 066-15568 Chanson D’Amour (France)
Studio 2 TWOX1065 Chanson D’Amour (UK)

Presti, Pino Atlantic T50274 1st Round (Italy)

Price Quartet, Ray ATA SATAL934569 Bad Penny Blues (Australia)

Prina, Curt
EMI F667.232 Orgel Faszination – Im Big-Band-Sound (Germany)

Prose, Charlie
Laurel LP1105 By Special Request

Prysock, Arthur
King KS1088(dj) Fly My Love (w/ timing strip)
King KS1088 Fly My Love
King KS1088 Fly My Love (Canada)

Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers
Prestige PR7555 Big Stick
Prestige PR7679 The Best Of Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers

Qualey, David Telefunken 6.25142 Awile Ago (Korea)

Quartette Tres Bien
Decca DL75044(WLP) Our Thing
Decca DL75044 Our Thing

Rainbow Singers
Home Sweet Home H5103 The Raindrops And Orchestra (Holland)

Ramos, Miguel
Hispa/Vox HH11-124 Miguel Ramos y Su Organo Hammond/Vol. 2 (Spain)

Rapsodia/V. Petrenko
Melodia I-90 I Hurry To Your Love (Russia)

Ray and His Court
Sound Triangle ST7778(RI) Ray and His Court

Red Snakes, The
Getrim GLP5003 Jovem Brassa No. 2 (Brazil)

Reed, Denny
Stanal UAS713 Just Denny

Reese, Della
ABC ABC589(M) One More Time!
ABC ABCS589 One More Time! (paste-up cover)
ABC ABCS589 One More Time!

Impulse SR3010 C’Mon And Hear (Japan)

Reys, Rita
Philips 844 048PY Rita A GoGo (Holland)

Rhodes Brothers
Pan-O-Ram 5608 The Rhodes Brothers

Richards, Emil
UNI 3003(M) New Time Element
UNI 73003 New Time Element

Richardson, Jerome
Verve V-8729(YLP,M) Groove Merchant
Verve V6-8729 Groove Merchant

Rini, Terri
United Audio 80294 Terry & Company

Ripple Blast Singers Power S9003 Rhythm & Blues Hits Of 1966

Rivera Brothers Custom press – San Francisco Gives You Brotherly Love

Rivers, Johnny
Sunset SUM-1157(M) Whisky A Go-Go Revisited (unbanded)
Sunset SUS-5157 Whisky A Go-Go Revisited (unbanded)
Sunset SUS-5157 Whisky A Go-Go Revisited (banded, Canada)
Sunset SLS50025E Whisky A Go-Go Revisited (banded, UK)
Untited Artists 064 82804 Whisky A Go-Go Revisited (Brazil, ss)
RCA FLP-35055(M) Whisky A Go-Go Revisited (Brazil)
Tong Sheng MXL1213 Whisky A Go-Go Revisited (Korea ?)
Universal SRA250-017 At The Whisky A Go Go (Australia)
United Artists 6358 En Vivo (Argentina)
Liberty L5017 Live! (Argentina)

Som Livre 404.7190 Johnny Rivers 12 Hits Originais (Brazil)
Liberty LBS83299X ”Live” At The Whisky A GoGo (Germany)

Riviera Strings, The
Wing SRW16355 Love Is Blue

Rizzi, Tony w/ Pacific
MORrhythm 010 Surfin’ Pacific

Robbins, Shirley
NCR1203 Live

Robertson, Eric
Arc A727(M) Born Free (Canada)
Arc AS727 Born Free (Canada)

Robinson, Paul
Good Earth GE5 Good Morning Sunshine
W&G 25/S/5613 Good Morning Sunshine (Australia)

Roderman, Teddy
CTL S5093 Teddy Roderman’s Six Trombones (Canada)

RooneyTrio, Dave
Rooney DR3000 Live At Diamond Lil’s (silver label)
Rooney DR3000 Live At Diamond Lil’s (green label)

Ros, Edmundo
London SP44298 Edmundo Ros Today

Rosales, Nacho Musart D1269 Orquesta del Recuerdo En Europa (Mexico)

Royal Rock Beats Toshiba TP-8051 Golden Rock Vol. 2 (w/ obi, Japan)

Sagara, Naomi Victor SJX-3 Love Songs Of The World (Japan)

St. John, Bob
Showpower BSJ-4001 Organ Expressions Of Bob St. John

Sakai Duet, Ushio
Athene -- Music Montage – Sounds From The Kanto Civilian Club (Tokyo Air Base

Santo & Johnny
Produttoria LP707 Memories (Italy)

Scotch Peppers, The
Primaphon P3001 Bunte Mischung (comp, Germany)

Schofield, Pete
Life L507 Pete Schofield And The Canadians (Canada)
Birchmount BM507 Pete Schofield And The Canadians (Canada)

Schroeder, John

Pye NPL30096(M) Working In The Soul Mine (Canada)
Pye NSPL30096 Working In The Soul Mine (Canada)
Sequel NEMLP769 Space Age Soul (UK)

Scott, Mike
United Artists UAS6723 The Gentle Side Of Mike Scott

Session Orch/Singers Nevada ND-1042 El Sonido de Ray Conniff (Spain)

Severinsen, Doc
Command RS927SD The Great Arrival! (gate-fold)
Command RS927SD The Great Arrival! (sleeve)

Shanaphy, Edward
Kimbo LP5010(Elementary) And The Beat Goes On For Physical Education (2LP)
Kimbo LP5020(Secondary)
And The Beat Goes On For Physical Education (2LP)

Shannon, Del
Liberty LRP3479(dj,M) Total Commitment (Audition Record)
Liberty LRP3479(M) Total Commitment
Liberty LST7479(dj) Total Commitment (Audition Record)
Liberty LST7479 Total Commitment
EMI MFP415746 Del Shannon (UK)
Sunset SLS50211 10th Anniversary Album (UK)
Summit SRA250.120 The Del Shannon Anniversary Album (Australia)
United Artists 5C052.92545 Rock And Roll Classics – Vol 13 (Holland)

Sharp, Sharlene
Looks 67027 Sonny Looks Presents – Rare and Well Done

Shearing Quartet, George
Capitol T2447(M) Rare Form!
Capitol ST2447 Rare Form!

Silvester, Victor
Pye NSPL18382 Let’s Go (UK)

Sinatra, Frank/Ellington, Duke
Reprise F1024(M,WLP) Francis A. & Edward K.
Reprise FS1024 Francis A. & Edward K.
Reprise RLP77.013(M) Francis A. & Edward K. (Brazil)
Reprise RLP1024(M) Francis A. & Edward K. (UK)
Reprise RSLP1024 Francis A. & Edward K. (UK)
Gamma GX 01-289 Francis A. & Edward K. (Mexico)

Sirias, Solon
Polydor PY200.002 Solon! (Costa Rica)

Smith, Dennis
Art ALP-94 Dennis Smith – Live!

Smith, Dick
Warners 23835 Initial Thrust (promo stamp)
Warners 23835 Initial Thrust

Smith, Jimmy
Verve V6-8794(YLP) Groove Drops
Verve V6-8794 Groove Drops

Smith, Johnny
Verve V6-8767(YLP) Phase II
Verve V6-8767 Phase II

Smith, Johnny "Hammond"
Prestige PR7482(M) Love Potion #9 (preview stamp on back)
Prestige PR7482(M) Love Potion #9 (both labels are Blues On Sunday)
Prestige PRST7482 Love Potion #9 (both labels are Blues On Sunday)

Something Cool
Morgan MR104P Voices In Latin (UK, by The Voices)
Pulsar AR10601(YLP) Voices In Latin
Pulsar AR10601 Voices In Latin

Soul Affair Orchestra
Disco 102 That’s An Affair (Belgium)
Sounds Superb 032.99514 The Soul Affair Orchestra (Belgium)

Soulful Strings, The
Cadet LP776(M) Paint It Black
Cadet LPS776 Paint It Black
Cadet CA776(M) Paint It Black (Phonodisc/Canada)

Spiders, The Philips FS-8015 Album No. 5 (w/ obi, Japan)

Springfield, Dusty
Philips PHM200-256(M) The Look Of Love
Philips PHS600-256 The Look Of Love
Philips BL7820(M) Where Am I Going (UK)
Philips SBL7820 Where Am I Going (UK)
Philips 6414 101 Favourites (Holland)
Philips 6460 754 This Is Dusty Springfield (New Zealand)
Philips 6382 016 This Is Dusty Springfield (UK)
Philips 6359126 Sings Love (w/ insert, Korea)
Spot SPR8539 Son Of A Preacher Man (UK)

Springfield Accordian Orch. Creative CSS30 The Newest Sound In Sight

Stamm, Marvin
Verve V6-8759(WLP) Machinations
Verve V6-8759(YLP) Machinations
Verve V6-8759 Machinations

Staidl, Ladislav Suprephon 1113 2645 Ladislav Staidl Orchestra featuring Music Therapy (Russia)

Stark, Tommy United Sound Rec. USR3177 Love Story (At The Gulbransen Organ)

Starr Orchestra, Eddy

Discovery 8504 16 Golden Guitar Hits (Holland)

MCR Productions MCR1714 The Golden Guitar 2 (Holland)
MCR Productions MCR116 Strak en Stralend (Holland, promotional comp Tight & Shiny LP for iron/steel company)

Starr, Kay
ABC 631(WLP,M) When The Lights Go On Again
ABC S631 When The Lights Go On Again
Birchmount BM727 When The Lights Go On Again (Canada)

Steenhous, Wout EMI EMC3220 What’s New (UK)

Stevens, Bruce WHI-101 Presents The Wm. Hilton Inn

Stevens, Chris & the Val-Tones Audio Fidelity AFSD6216 This Guy’s In Love With You

Stitt, Sonny
Jazz Masters JMLP1001 The Genius Of Sonny Stitt Gets CloseTo You

Suzuki, Kunihiko King SKK474 Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Japan)

Swingin’ Rams, The Crescent City CCSS-1071 Total Sound (Winston-Salem State Stage Band)

Tabata, Sadakazu RCA R4J-7006 Stylish Drum Sounds Of Tabata (w/ obi, Japan)

Takenchi, Jimmy

Union CJP-1003 Drumming Beat Pops Best (w/ obi, Japan)

Union CJP-1173
Drummer Big 3 (2LP, Japan)

Taylor, Billy

Tower ST5111(dj stmp) I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
Tower ST5111 I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free

Taylor, Jim & Shirley
KayBee KB LS 105 Sincerely, Jim & Shirley

Tempo, Nino/Stevens, April
White Whale WW113(M) All Strung Out (promo)
White Whale WW113(M) All Strung Out
White Whale WWS7113 All Strung Out
London SHU8314 All Strung Out (UK)

Thielmans, Toots
Command RS33-918(M,dj) Guitar And Strings And Things
Command RS918SD Guitar And Strings And Things
Command RS918SD Guitar And Strings And Things (Argentina)
ABC Dunhill SC)5294578 Bluesette (Holland)

Peter Thomas Orch.
Polydor 2371743 In Discoland (Germany)

Thunderkloud, Billy & the Chieftones
20th Century T-452(dj) Off The Reservation
20th Century T-452 Off The Reservation
IndiKloud IKP2111 How Great Thou Art

Tibor, Nils
Decca 6.23017AF The New Hammond Hit Parade (Germany)

Toad Hall
Liberty LST-7580 Toad Hall

Joker SM3025 Tanz Party mit Den Tonics – Vol. 1 (Italy)

Tovani, Gordon
Private pressing ”Super Toe, Super Voice”

Torres, Joe
World Pacific WP1857(M) Latino Con Soul (Get Out Of My Way label)
World Pacific WPS21857 Latino Con Soul (Get Out Of My Way label)
World Pacific WPS21857 Latino Con Soul (w/ promo stamp, LCS label)

Torres, Juan
Musart 1426 Organo Melodico – Vol. 7 (Mexico)

Traverse City
256131/4 Trojan Marching Band

Trees, Amanda
Poppy PP-LA003F Amanda Trees

Trench, Fiachra
Major Minor SMCP5058 Organ Time (UK)

Trent, Jackie
Pye NPL18173(M) Once More With Feeling (UK)
Pye NSPL18173 Once More With Feeling (NZ)
Pye NSPL18173 Once More With Feeling (UK)
Pye NSPL30104 Once More With Feeling (Canada)

Golden Hour GH549(WLP) The Best Of Jackie Trent (UK)
Golden Hour GH549 The Best Of Jackie Trent (UK)
Astor PLP1185 Once More With Feeling (Australia)

Trevlac, Noel
Studio 2 TWO186 Captivation (UK)

Trinidad Steel Drum..
Cherry 10113 Trinidad Steel Drummers

Trombones Unlimited
Liberty LRP-3494(M) Big Boss Bones
Liberty LST-7494 Big Boss Bones

Tsunoda, Hiro

Vertigo FX-8618
Hiro (Japan)
Vertigo 20Y-14 Best Collection (w/ obi, Japan)

Tucson Boys Choir TABC-101 We’re Versatile

Turrentine, Stanley

Blue Note BLP4256(M,dj emb) The Spoiler
Blue Note BLP4256(M,ss) The Spoiler
Blue Note BST84256 The Spoiler
Blue Note BST84256 The Spoiler (Canada)

Tutupolo, Bob Star Swan STS1129 Bob Tutupolo With The Pro’s (Indonesia)

Underwood Glide Band, The Charlie
Warners W1675(WLP,M) Birth Of A Sound
Warners W1675(M) Birth Of A Sound
Warners W1675 Birth Of A Sound

Univ. of South Carolina
Century 39084 University of South Carolina Bands

U.S. Air Force Band
Program 135 Serenade In Blue (radio show)
Program 316 Serenade In Blue (radio show)
TV production Tops In Blue ‘70

U.S. Army
U.S. Army S19733 Presents The U.S. Army Chamber Orchestra

U.S. Navy
USN 37192 Presents The Commodores

Unlimited Beat
Disco Gold 012 Boney M Hits (Italy)

Unlimited &
First Company Gramusic GM-758 Es Tiempo De Bee Gees y Boney M (Spain)

Vale, Jerry
Columbia CS9982 Sings 16 Greatest Hits

Vale, Richard
Vale no # Where Am I Going

Valli, Frankie
Philips PHS600-274(YLP) Timeless
Philips PHS600-274 Timeless
FBI FBL5003 Certified Gold – Vol. III (& The Four Seasons)

VanDamme, Art
MPS/BASF MC25157 Star Spangled Rhythm (2LP)
MPS 15236 Art And Four Brothers (Germany)

van Galen, Rinus
Super LP Expert 2 Cocktail International (Holland)

RCA BBL1505 Vanusa (Brazil)
RCA 109.0029 Disco De Ouro (Brazil)

Various Artists
Trocadero TR20243 A Collection Of Various Interpretations Of Sunny – Part 1 -
Hebb, Lyman, Fame, Booker T, Springfield, Mitchum, Schroeder, Kenton, Mann, Ventures,
Turrentine, Cher, Williams, Smith, Pickett, Wilson (Germany)

Trocadero 20271 A Collection Of Various InterpretationsOf Sunny – Part 2 -
Brown, Montez, McCann, Bassey, Feliciano, Four Tops, Love, Walker Brothers, Kuhn, Lopez,
Young Holt, Gaye, Electric Flag, Nimoy, Fitzgerald,Gary Lewis, McDuff (Germany)

Vee, Bobby
Liberty LRP3480(dj,M) Look At Me Girl
Liberty LRP3480(M) Look At Me Girl
Liberty LST7480 Look At Me Girl

Ventures, The
Liberty LRP2054(M) $1,000,000 Weekend
Liberty LBL83092E(M) $1,000,000 Weekend (UK)
Liberty LBS83092I $1,000,000 Weekend (Germany)

LST8054 $1,000,000 Weekend

Vidak, Sandor RCA INTS1406 Relaxin’ With Sandor Vidak In Scheveningen (Germany

Villa Park
High School
Band ‘n Vocal BVRS1039 Contemporary Sounds

Vincent, Hal Ad-Rhythm ARPS-3003 Baldwin Soul (UK)

Vinton, Bobby

Beautiful Music BMR2-122 Roses Are Red My Love (2LP)
Precision TVLP79054 One Hundred Memories (Canada, 2LP)

Walker Brothers
Wing WL1188 The Fabulous Walker Brothers (UK, green label)
Fontana SFL13078 The Fabulous Walker Brothers (UK)
Philips FDX7111 Golden Collection (Japan, obi, lyric sheet)

Waring, Fred
Decca DL75007 Two Sides Of Fred Waring

Warner, Kai
Power Exch. PXLS2005 The Best Of Kai Warner (UK)

Watanabe, Sadao Victor SPX-1001 Jazz Samba De-Luxe (Japan)

High School
Century 39961 Adventures In Jazz II

Wein, George

Atlantic 1533(WLP,M) George Wein's Newport All Stars
Atlantic SD1533(WLP) George Wein's Newport All Stars
Atlantic SD1533 George Wein's Newport All Stars

Wells, Mary
Jubilee JGM8018(WLP,M) Servin' Up Some Soul (in JGS8018 jacket)
Jubilee JGS8018 Servin' Up Some Soul
Stateside SSL10266 Servin' Up Some Soul (UK)

West Oso HS Band West Oso 1001 Musical Bears

Westcott Trio, Bruce
MGM SE4760(WLP) And Along Came Bruce
MGM SE4760(YLP) And Along Came Bruce (“Special DJ Record” label)
MGMSE4760 And Along Came Bruce

Whitney, Marva
Polydor PD1062 It’s My Thing (liner credit, but no track)
Soul Brothers SBCS6D It’s My Thing (2LP, including track, UK)

Wieringa, Frans
Negram SP245 The Million Dollar Sounds Of JVC (Holland)

Wild Oates
SRT Prod. SRTX79 Wild Oates (UK)

Wild Ones, The
Odeon SOTL-26010 The Wild Ones (Brazil, jacket/label in Japanese)

Williams, Andy
Columbia CL2680(M) Born Free
Columbia CS9480 Born Free
First FL-1101 Born Free (Korea, orange vinyl)
Columbia CG33597 Love Story/Born Free (2LP)
563027 Noi Due (Italy)
CBS/Sony SONI-95101 His Fascinating Voice (Japan)

Williams, Frank
MFP 1A022-58245 Swingtime (Holland)

Williams, Roger
Kapp KL1501(M) Born Free
Kapp KS3501 Born Free
London HAR8039M) Born Free (UK)
SR Int’l. 77.733 Born Free (Holland)
Kapp DS488 The Piano Magic Of Roger Williams – 2LP (ColumbiaP2S5306)
Black Cat BC4075 Roger Williams (red wax, Korea ?)

Wilson, Nancy
Capitol T2757(M) Lush Life (FREE punch, ss)
Capitol T2757(M) Lush Life
Capitol ST2757 Lush Life
Capitol SMK 74327 Lush Life (Germany)
Capitol CAPS 26006 Lush Life (UK)
EMI T2757(M) Lush Life (UK)
Pickwick SPC3348 The Good Life
Capitol SL6603 The Best Of The Great Song Stylists (comp)
Capital CP-9740 (red wax) Nancy Wilson (Japan)

Wilson, Reg
United Artists UAS6692 88 Keys And A Girl

Winters, Wyoma
Audio Fidelity AFSD6201 Winters Here!!!

Wirtz, Mark
Capital/EMI STAW15039 Mood Mosaic (Canada)
Columbia/EMI TWO160 Mood Mosaic (UK)
Parlorphone 8014 Mood Mosaic (Venezuela)

Wonder, Stevie
Tamla TS291 For Once In My Life
Motown M5-234V1(ss) For Once In My Life
Tamla STMS5074 For Once In My Life (UK)
Tamla TS298 Live
Tamla/Motown STMLU150 Live (UK)
World Record Club S5426 Live! (Australia)
MFP 50420 Light My Fire (UK)
Radioplay TAIP88003 Motown Sings The Hits (comp, UK)

Supraphon 1 13 0998 Stevie Wonder (Czechoslovakia)

Workshop, The Resnick XPL1030 The Workshop

Wunderlich, Klaus
Telefunken 6.21078 Hits Again (Germany)
Telefunken 6.23068 Wunderlich Pops 6 (Germany)
Telefunken SPA-R434 The Hit World Of Klaus Wunderlich (UK)
Decca DBC13 The Entertainer (UK, 2LP)

Xeres, Paolo
Crystal CLP102 Sexy Sax From Rio (Philippines; Hebb, not Kern)

Yamamoto, Hozan
CBS/Sony SONP50075 New Dimensions Of Bamboo Flute (Japan)

Montuno MLP506 Al Santiago Presents Yambu (w/ Sunny stkr)
Montuno MLP506 Al Santiago Presents Yambu
MLP506(RI,ss) Al Santiago Presents Yambu
Delite DEP2019 Hustle Hits (comp)

Young Holt Trio
Brunswick BL54121(M) Wack Wack (“Introducing” label)
Brunswick BL54121(M) Wack Wack
Brunswick BL754121 Wack Wack
Brunswick BL754121(RI,ss) Wack Wack
Brunswick BL54121(M) Wack Wack (Canada, red label)
Brunswick BL754121 Wack Wack (Canada, red label)
Coral 54121 Wack Wack (Mexico)

Young, Johnny Sun SKS-016 Mood In Drum - Mood Music Library #20 (Japan,bklt)

Zentner, Si
Liberty LRP3531(DJ, M) Right Here! Right Now!
Liberty LRP3531(M) Right Here! Right Now!
Liberty LST7531 Right Here! Right Now!


Jazz Three, The Superscope #-A023-T Daytripper (4 trk reel, Kazuo Yashiro)


Ayado, Chie Ewe EWCD0006 Your Songs (Japan)

Bacon, Gregg Kon Kord KK-BG3031 Secret Place

BB Band, The
BMC 87183 That Soul Sound Of The Sixties (2CD, Belgium)

Ben-Ari, Miri
Half NoteHN4913 The Temple Of Beautiful

Blue Bamboo
Robbins 72004 Sunny – 4 mixes

Bullen & Etienne Thunder Dome 95348 de organ grinders

Bulluck/Kaiser Root Music 0102 Tony & Manfred – In Performance

Carrack, Paul Carrack PCARCD3 Groovin’ (UK)

Clairdee Declare DM-3102 Music Moves


Go Jazz GoJ6022 Solita
Sony SRCS 8284 Solita (Japan)

Denon DC-8508 Music For A Summer’s Day (Japan)

Denhert, KJ IAM kjd001 Another Year Gone By

DJ Nob Tee Kriztal CD-3012 Vintage Chill Volume 2 – Summer (comp)

Emperors Of Swing DokRok 20002 Cuddle Up With Jazz

Fran, Carol Tradition T&M108 Women In (E)motion (Germany)

Gaye, Marvin
Motown D4-6311 Marvin Gaye Collection, Vol. 3 - Rare, Live and Unreleased
Spectrum 544426 Tamla Motown Connoisseurs (UK)

Gadbois, Paul PJG-001 Sunny

Goulart, Eli Milan 0259 Postnove 3 (comp, France)

Hebb, Bobby
Vivid VS736 Sunny (Japan)
Hip-O 02862 Sunny (0042/5000)
Intuition TIN0004(sgl) Sunny x 2 + 1 (Austria)
Intuition TIN0040 That’s All I Want To Know (Austria)
MCA 11160 The War - OST
Milan 35947 Jackpot – OST

Harada, Tomoyo For Life FLCF3868 Summer Breeze (Japan)

Hirota, Mieko CD-R (early Hebb) Sunny

Howes, Christian
CH001 Confluence

Douglas Rhea RRC101 Music For Memories, Vol. 1

James, Al MMO 07652 It’s Witchcraft

Joe Jewell Quartet Self Every Note Counts

Joplin, Betty Preserved 50746 Visions Of The Moment

Kenton, Stan
Magic DAWD100 The Integrated Sunset Ridge Concert (2CD, UK)

Kollwitz, Michael Private Memories – solo Chapman Stick

Kontomanou,Elisabeth Nocturne NTCD385 Waitin’ For Spring (France)

Kreitmeier, Thilo Organic 9725 Changes – Saxaphonic Soul & Blues (Germany)

Kuhn, Steve Sunnyside SSC1109 Love Walked In

Lamb, Patrick
Lamb PLP-7453 Sunshine Alley

Leighton, Bradley
Pacific Coast Jazz 60014 Just Doin’ Our Thang

Los Chicarrons
Irma 507984 Montefiori Cocktail – Re*Shaken (comp)

Los Iracundos
BMG 27952 Coleccion Original

Lundgren Trio, Joan
Sittel SITCD9281 Presents Miriam Aida & FredrikKronkvist (Sweden)

Marinello, Gino DGR5007 Sunny! (Holland)

Martin, Scott SCM1104 Menudo & Gritz

McBride, Joe Heads Up OXCD 3017 Grace

Megabyte Innovative IC 720.149 ”Island Energy” (Germany)

Mini Vip RK X006 Mini Vip (Italy)

Moonlight Moods Orch. Pickwick PWK013 Themes & Dreams, Vol. 2 (UK)

Munro, Doug CMG CMD8059 Blueness

Nathanson, Ray AUM AUM-37 Sotto Voce

Naud, Carl Effendi FND011 Ouverture (Canada)

Oakland, Michael North Star NS212 Island Time

Okuda, Tamio
Sony SRCL3354 30 (hidden track w/ 10 minute silent lead in, Japan)

Village VRCL3017 Triptych (Japan)

Pan Pipe Moods Pegasus CD142 Pan Pipe Moods (UK)

Patrick, Johnny Pulse PLS231 Hammond Organ Favourites (UK)

Paviatti, Aldo YoYo REF20312 Sax In The City (2CD, Colombia)

Porecki, Benjie Severn CD-0005 Servin’ It Up

Preston, Billy Stateside 5374752 Wildest Organ In Town/Club Meeting (UK)

Ray and His Musical Court Empire 87012 Cookie Crumbs

Sun Records GCC50004 Sunny X 2 (single)

Roseman, Jason
Steelpantech International Gems

Rosenberg, Stochelo
Iris 3001891 Ready ‘n Able (France)

Savage, Bryan
Higher Octave JCD50385 Rush Hour

Silent Jazz Trio, The
Silent PSCR6143 The Silent Jazz Trio (Japan)

Spendel, Christoph
Blue Flame 50192 Flight 408 (featuring Lisa Shaw, Germany)

Stallings, Mary
Clarity CCD-1001 Fine And Mellow

Stanovsky, Ricky
CD single Sunny (Israel)

Stowaways, The
Collectables COL-0607 In Our Time

Ralph Sutton Quartet Storyville STCD8325 Featuring Bob Wilber, Vol. 4 (Denmark)

Ed Taylor Band Chinook Wind 04046 Good Is Good

Three Sounds, The Blue Note 23995 Live At The Lighthouse

featuring Barnaby
Loop LP013 Mystical Soul (NZ)

Van Eps, George
Concord CCD-4616 Legends (w/ Johnny Smith)

Various Artists
Trocadero TR20243 A Collection Of Various InterpretationsOf Sunny – see LP
Trocadero TR20272 A Collection Of Various InterpretationsOf Sunny –Part 2 – see LP

Vinci, Ben
Vinci BV7341 Paradiso

Waeldo, Eddy Fremeaux LLL318 Favelas (France)

Waters, Kim Shanachie 5042 Love’s Melody

White, Peter Columbia 94992 Playin’ Favorites

Winkler, Mark Chartmaker PDP1030 City Lights

Wirtz, Mark
RPM 172 The Go-Go Music Of Matk Wirtz (UK)

Woolsey, Matt
----------- Guitar Melodies

Zuppa AGD 09402 Live At The Goodfoot


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